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Fayzah Spanos Dolls - The Doll Empire Fayzah Spanos Fan Site - Greek-American Doll Artist Fayzah Spanos

Fayzah Spanos Dolls - The Doll Empire Fayzah Spanos Fan Site - Greek-American Doll Artist Fayzah Spanos

The Doll Empire Fayzah Spanos Fan Site dedicated to Greek-American doll artist Fayzah Spanos, founder of Precious Heirloom Dolls and creator of high quality children artist dolls in porcelain and vinyl. You can submit pictures, photos or information about Fayzah Spanos and Fayzah Spanos dolls and we will post it at our discretion. Doll artist Fayzah Spanos was born on the Greek Island of Kalymnos and came to the USA when she was eleven years old. As a child, Fayzah Spanos exhibited her artistic qualities through her drawings, paintings and needlework. In the 1980's Fayzah Spanos took a course in doll making, studied sculpting and mold making and created an award-winning doll based on her son Theodore. Precious Heirloom Dolls founded in 1986 have won numerous awards. Fayzah Spanos Precious Heirloom Dolls designs and manufactures beautiful, fine quality porcelain artist dolls,  vinyl artist dolls and one of a kind OOAK studio artist originals  from her studio and manufacturing plant in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

You may e-mail us your Fayzah Spanos dolls photos that will be published at our discretion in the "Fan Gallery" section with © copyright credit given to the author. You may e-mail us about Fayzah Spanos dolls which are missing from the list below and/or corrections to the list (name of the doll, year of edition, etc.).

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